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This post is meant to answer common questions about Tibetan Dzi beads.

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1) What should I look for when buying my personal dzi?


Always remember that any dzi bead is a lifetime blessing gemstone. It will stay with you for many generations if it is well taken care of. Any good quality, genuine and authentic dzi makes a good investment. Do spend as much time on this website if you can to get good knowledge and how to use the dzi.

One way is to read through the List of Dzi - By Eyes and List of Dzi - By Patterns to see which dzi will bring most blessings to you. Another way is to intuitively choose the one that you feel most attracted to. Ask your inner feeling and always trust your own judgment and eye sight of what you need and which bead attracts you the most. Take at least 30 seconds to look at that particular dzi and how you feel about it.

Seek out sellers who can explain all the motifs and designs to you. There are over 30 types of dzi motifs catering for different walks of life for each individual. It is therefore very important to get the correct one. This is also to ensure that you maximize the full potential of your dzi.

2) How do I distinguish a fake dzi from a genuine dzi?

Buy your Dzi beads from a reputable seller that is specialized in Dzi only. Make sure that they do not sell many other products. Only buy from sellers who have many years of experience, specialized in dzi beads and are able to give you answers, after-sales service, advice armed with sound knowledge of dzi. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any doubts.

Bear in mind that some sellers themselves are unaware and can mistakenly sell you a fake or imitation dzi because of lack experience and high cost of getting genuine dzi.

All genuine dzi are different in shape, size and motif. Authentic dzi are never perfect because of its weathering mark (wormlike), waxy or sheen effect and natural line appearing.

Do not be surprised if the dzi changes its form after wearing for some time because dzi is a living gemstone that changes according to your body's ‘qi' or karma. From my own experience and that of others, my own 9-Eyed Dzi became darker in appearance after I had worn it for some time. This is similar to Chinese Jade pendants becoming greener after bodily contact for a long period of time. The reason is because authentic Dzi (not the 'New' type of Dzi which is only contains Agate) contains Jadeite.

3) Why dzi collectors say it is an investment?

Besides the factors of rarity and quality, market price speculation on these short supply treasures has pushed up their valuation over the years. Dzi collectors and wearers should have the mentality that the Dzi is also an investment, but at the same time, it is a treasure that will bring priceless blessing and credit to its owner.

Our prices are kept reasonably low due to our DIRECT (no 3rd party) and vast resources and goodwill friendship with our Himalayan and Tibetan friends who go very far to get the rarest and best Dzis available. We vow to put all our effort in getting the most unique Dzi in the world in which we guarantee our clients will not get at any other store.

Valuations of dzi are determined by age, quality, sheen effect, weathering mark, cinnabar dots (will grow from inner to the surface with age) rarity and uniqueness.

4) How do I feel the dzi's energy?

Some individuals with keener senses may feel a slight jolt, pulsation, numbness or giddiness when handling the dzi for the first time. No instrument in the world can choose the best dzi for your good-self. To detect the best dzi for yourself, it is best to rely upon your very own body, hands and intuition. Simply place the ends of the dzi between your thumb and third finger.

Another method (my personal favourite!) is to rest the dzi on the center of the palm of (either) one hand. RELAX for about 10 seconds. The center of both of your palms contain a major acupoint called the 'Lao Gong'. Your body's Qi will then activate the Dzi's energy and turn it on akin to turning on an electrical appliance! Now, place the center of the other palm directly above the dzi. RELAX for another 10 seconds. An authentic dzi will cause an energy Qi vortex spiral upwards which you can definitely feel with your empty palm. On the other hand, a fake dzi would feel empty and cold because fake dzis are usually made of only glass or plastic.

These gems have their own powers to communicate with you…they call out to you! Sounds bizarre but from our experience, it just happens naturally though it may sound illogical. This is only the surface of some experiences which we share with our clients. There is more information out there on how you can use your dzi to its highest potential.

Nowadays, these gems are used for holistic purposes, mainly for the New Age era, those into spirituality, energy practices, "Qi gong", Reiki practitioners, spiritual gurus, holistic healers and meditators. It is how the energy works on the body, how it balances the system and scientifically speaking, it is how they stimulate blood vessels, how they work on the chakra points, healing of aura weakness, energy meridians, lymph nodes, bloodstream etc. Some clients experience a clearer eye sight, burst of energy and internal happiness.

5) What are the feelings to expect the first few days of wearing dzi?

The feedback from our clients varies from sudden bursts of energy, urge to drink more water, flowing in of good luck and opportunities, radiant appearance on the skin, better career prospects, better memory during exams ... etc.

Some feel minimal dizziness, numbness or sleepiness due to the sudden burst of Qi. There is absolutely nothing to worry about as the dzi bead is balancing out your Qi energy field to make you more healthy!

6) How do I know if the dzi has ceased its powers on me?

If you drop your dzi on hard flooring or knocked it against something hard and caused it to be slightly chipped or damaged, it is acceptable. Unless of course if the dzi has broken off 1/3 or ½ of its original length, which means it has protected you from danger or calamities and has lost its talismanic properties. DO NOT keep the broken dzi. Do a returning ritual where you bury it in the ground outside your home or throw it into the river with a grateful feeling of what it has done for you. After all, the earth is where it is originated from. You may replace it with another similar dzi based on your current situation.

7) What is the best way to wear a dzi and get the most out of it?

Dzis are preferably worn on the body always. This is because your body's Qi will activate and 'kick-start' the Dzi's energy. Wear a dzi necklace in an upright vertical position or bracelet touching your wrist. Bigger beads can be placed near you on your work desk or at home for positive energy. Dzi energy will never cease (unless broken) if well taken care of.

Belief and communication with your dzi is very important. Use your mind to channel a message to your dzi. Dzi brings the highest effect if blessed by a guru ( e.g. a Tibetan Rinpoche or Tibetan Living Buddha ) or a learned teacher of any religious order. Only genuine dzi can achieve these effects. Otherwise, do get a dzi from sellers who already have them blessed. This mystical gem is known to manifest wonderful experiences for our clients.

You can use dzi to channel energy and thoughts to higher beings. It can be used for self-healing of the body and heart, wishes, good vibes and many other spiritual and practical uses.

8) How do I care for my dzi?

Dzi should be treated like any other precious gemstone you are wearing. Although not much is needed to care for your dzi, there are some little things that you can take note of. Do not step or leave it on the floor or a dirty place. If you have an altar at home, leave it there overnight to have it re-charged and purified. Another way is to use a Tibetan singing bowl with mantras on it or place it in a pure crystal geode. If you have pure sandalwood stick incense, place your dzi next to it. Another highly recommended method (especially by this author) is to soak it in Sandalwood powder (if not worn) or to oil it once a week with Sandalwood oil. Sandalwood contains materials which are positively conducive to Tibetan Dzi in the physical sense. In addition, Sandalwood also helps to purify the Dzi in the spiritual sense.

9) Can anyone wear dzi?

Yes, dzi can be worn by anyone regardless of gender, age, religion and occupation. Our dzi are worn by people from all walks of life around the world.

10) I got what I wanted from my bead! What should I do next?

When the dzi grants you whatever you wanted or wished for, feel grateful, make a donation to any charity of your choice and also gain some merits doing so. Pray in thankfulness and continue enjoying the bliss and blessings the dzi brings you. Remember, Tibetans believe that one owns a particular Dzi bead because of their Karma. Sparing others a helping hand always goes a long way no matter how small and insignificant it may have been at the onset. A Dzi brings out the best in you and in others!

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